Train To Perform Hoops 

Isaac Loechle

Isaac Loechle is the Owner and Head Skills Trainer of Train To Perform Hoops, as well as, a former NCAA Division I Basketball Coach. Isaac works with several players of all ages from youth to professional. Train To Perform Hoops skill development program focuses on situations and drills that directly translate to the game. He has a great passion for helping his players reach their full potential, on and off the court. 

Skill Development Program

Train To Perform Hoops Skill Development Programs are a 3 month commitment, with the choice of 1 time per week or 2 times per week for both boys and girls 2nd - 12th grade. All sessions are individualized small group sessions and work specifically on what each player needs to improve on their game. We focus on all aspects of the game, including live game situation breakdowns, to help players maximize their full potential. 

Summer Training Program
(May - July)
-12-week commitment starting April 29th ending August 2nd
-4 sessions or 8 sessions per month depending on the program you select (1 day/week or 2 day/week)
-Session Length = 1 hour
-Make up sessions offered throughout the program for anyone who may miss a session
-Individualized Small Group = 6 or less players

-May Session - April 29th to May 23rd (No training labor day week)
-June Session - June 3rd to June 27th
-July Session - July 8th to August 1st (No training July 4th week)
-Payment per month $175 (4 Sessions) or $225 (8 Sessions)


4 SESSIONS PER MONTH (1 Session/Week)

8 SESSIONS PER MONTH (2 Sessions/Week)

1 on 1 Private Instruction