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We’re passionate about leading your child to success on the court.

Our private basketball lessons, led by knowledgeable and professional coaches, inspire young players and help them grow to their potential.

Your child will have a blast while developing their skills in our private basketball lessons.

Our staff is highly qualified and passionate about impacting lives through skills-based coaching, individual player mentoring, and an emphasis on teamwork.

We’ll properly train your player in basketball fundamentals and work with them on skills advancement so they can take their game to the next level!

Legacy Basketball Academy Training

Group Training

Legacy Basketball Academy Training is a small group training class. The program will focus on individual offensive fundamentals with a few team offensive concepts.

The small group setting is perfect for players to receive top-notch instruction with skill repetition. If your player wants to improve on their basketball fundamentals, this is the place to start.

Individual Training

Your player can work one-on-one with our professional, knowledgeable coaches and trainers to get private instruction on basketball skills and fundamentals. Individual training starts at $40/hour.

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Our private instruction will help your child have fun, build their skills, and grow into a strong leader.